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So you have just completed all the gardening and landscaping projects on your to-do list. Now there is a giant pile of weeds, branches, bushes, rocks and other yard waste. We are here to help, let BumbleJunk complete all of the yard waste disposal for you. Our professional and efficient crews are experienced in debris removal, they can break down and haul away many types of yard waste. Let us take care of all the heavy lifting and dirty work for you.

Give us a call at 1-888-BumbleJunk or schedule now for one of our friendly crews to stop by. We will give you a call 20 minutes before we arrive to your home, in your two hour arrival window. Simply, show us what items you would like to have removed and we will provide you with a no obligation, all inclusive estimate.

Once you give us the thumbs up, our team will quickly take care of your yard waste disposal and leave you with a clean yard.


We remove most Yard Debris, including:

 Branches                                           Soil

 Lumber                                              Frames

 Clippings                                          • Sod

 Stumps                                              Windows

 Old Plaster Board                            • Shingles

Landscaping Debris                        • Firewood



Eco-friendly modelrecycling-Eco-friendly-model-image-on-Yard-waste-disposal-debris-removal-BumbleJunk-junk-removal-Baltimore

To BumbleJunk, Eco-friendly junk removal isn’t just a tag line, but the vision we hope to achieve on every job. We first donate and then recycle as much of your junk as possible, helping support your community and minimizing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

Disposing of your yard waste in a responsible way, together with local charities and recycling centers, we are working towards keeping our planet clean, healthy, and sustainable.


3 Steps Till Done!


Call or schedule online to arrange for a friendly BumbleJunk crew to come out to your home or business.


Show us the items you want removed and we will provide
you with a no-obligation estimate.


Once the price is agreed to and you give us the thumbs up,
we’ll get started right then.

Let our guys do all the heavy lifting, and we’ll leave you with a clean, broom-swept area.