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We often give a lot of money, every month to a self storage company to keep all the items that we no longer have room for. All of that money quickly adds up, not to mention you probably have forgotten most of the stuff you have placed inside. If you are ready to terminate your rental contract and free up some extra cash, call BumbleJunk. Our professional crews will safely and efficiently handle your storage unit cleanout and leave you with a clean broom swept area.

We will donate as much of your gently used items as possible and attempt to recycle the rest.This sometimes helps during a storage unit cleanout, knowing that the items removed will still end up in a good home or be recycled to help the environment. Let BumbleJunk do all the heavy lifting for you!



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Give us a call at 1-888-BumbleJunk or book online today.  For one of our friendly crews to stop by and provide you with a no obligation, all inclusive estimate. We understand your time is valuable, so we will give you a two hour arrival window and call 20 minutes before we arrive. BumbleJunk takes the sting out of junk removal by making storage unit cleanouts easy.


icon-recycle-for-storage-unit-cleanout-assistance-BumbleJunk-junk-removal-Baltimore We Donate & Recycle Your Junk!

As always, BumbleJunk will attempt to donate and recycle as much of your job as possible. We have partnerships with local charitable organizations to donate a portion of your gently used items. Any items that can not be donated we will attempt to recycle.




3 Steps Till Done!


Call or schedule online to arrange for a friendly BumbleJunk crew to come out to your home or business.


Show us the items you want removed and we will provide
you with a no-obligation estimate.


Once the price is agreed to and you give us the thumbs up,
we’ll get started right then.

Let our guys do all the heavy lifting, and we’ll leave you with a clean, broom-swept area.